Finishing up a very fortunate 2017 and welcoming 2018, Quiet Voice Audio has experienced many blessings in the last year. With audio & video installations in several amazing churches and schools, and with those, tons of wonderful People.  With jobs like St. James Catholic Church in Solana Beach and Hope Lutheran in Temecula we've kept a very busy schedule! 

Though we've been around for 21 years now, we're excited to announce becoming an official corporation! How exciting!  We're currently setting up our next adventures and would like to thank everyone who has joined along for the ride!

Sound system consulting, design, equipment sales,
acoustic treatments, hearing assist, video.
   Custom installations, operator training, system evaluations, digital RTA tune-ups, technical services.

QVA specializing in:

Church sound systems
Performing arts venues
(Performing Arts Theaters, casinos, night clubs) 
Theme parks
Conference centers

(registered US Government SAM)
Commercial sound

Custom designed turn-key sound systems.
Small to large venues.

Aesthetically pleasing acoustic treatments.
Hearing assist including loop systems.
RTA tune-ups to maximize your existing system.

Sound system written evaluations.
Single piece equipment sales welcome.

QVA, servicing over 500 churches, commercial and military clients
in the Southwestern United States
800-350-8218 - San Diego local 760-451-1918
Accurate sound, a profession and a passion.

Specializing in: 
Church sound system San Diego - Church sound - Sound consulting and design - Commercial sound San Diego 
Sound system San Diego - Acoustic treatment San Diego - Sound system installation - Church sound San Diego
Hearing Assist San Diego - Sound system installation - Sound and video equipment San Diego